Brain Injury Books

Books for Information on Brain Injury in Adults and Veterans


TBI Information on adults living with brain injury
Books for adults and veterans with information on concussion, mild brain injury, blast injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD explain symptoms and treatment of mild, moderate and severe brain injury and post traumatic stress disorders. They are ideal for families, survivors, clinicians, and therapists in hospitals, rehabilitation programs, polytrauma centers, veterans hospitals and community programs.
  • The Essence of Interdependence

    The Essence of Interdependence

    By challenging how people’s differences are viewed, the author asserts that “the problem” is not that people have disabilities. Rather, the problem is how typical people in a community come to see and know people with disabilities...

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  • Defying Gravity

    Defying Gravity

    Defying Gravity: Rising Above Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Defying Gravity is a love story of a family that walks with their beloved airman as they begin their journey to overcome the devastation of severe traumatic brain injury. While serving in the...

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  • Caregiving on the Homefront

    Caregiving on the Homefront

    Based on the personal experiences of hundreds of women who are caregivers for service members and veterans with physical, cognitive and emotional wounds related to PTSD or TBI, this booklet is their story of survival as war comes home. It explains why so...

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  • Brain Injury Coping Skills

    Brain Injury Coping Skills

    Brain Injury Coping Skills is based on the recognition that education and support are critical for helping families and survivors rebuild their lives and relationships after an acquired brain injury. Authors Backhaus and Ibarra have developed a...

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    Brain Injury: It is a Journey

    Brain Injury: It is a Journey

    This practical user friendly manual helps families understand the consequences of brain injury. By explaining medical terms in clear language, readers will understand the various types of brain injury and the rehabilitation process. There are detailed...

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