Memory Workbook

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Douglas Mason and Michael Kohn

Product Overview

This book provides innovative techniques, exercises, games, and puzzles to help users understand how memory works. Shows how to maximize sensory receptiveness, improve mental focus, rehearse and imprint information, and use visual and sensory imagery. Summarizes latest scientific findings on memory functioning, providing a wealth of information about medications, memory disorders, and resources for additional help.

Please note that this workbook is not intended for someone with severe memory impairments due to traumatic brain injury. It is recommended for adults with mild difficulties with memory due to aging, acquired and traumatic brain injury or other brain disorders. Families may especially find this workbook helpful to understand the complexity of memory. Families and affected individuals can work together on many of the exercises, activities and puzzles.

ISBN# 1-57224-258-2
Pages 248 pages, 8.5 x 11, softcover
Year 2001


(No reviews yet) Write a Review