Player's Contract with the Team Poster

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Phil Hossler, M.S., A.T.C. and Chris Nowinski

Product Overview

This contract is a unique opportunity for certified athletic trainers and coaches to speak with their team(s) about several important issues prior to the season. It was created by Phil Hossler, ATC, member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame and Chris Nowinski former professional wrestler and now president of the Sports Legacy Institute.

Athletic teams are groups of individuals united toward a common goal. Caring for teammates, watching out to avoid needless injury and assisting each other are universally accepted ideals that this contract crystallizes for all team members.

At pre-season meetings with athletes, the items contained within the contract are explained and talked about with the team. After discussing these key points, the contact may be signed by team members that agree with the ideals presented.

The contract is hung in plain view in the locker room the entire season so that all team members may be constantly reminded of their commitment to safety, their teammates and to themselves.

The Player’s Contract is especially effective for educating and reinforcing the importance of recognizing and reporting any symptoms of concussion among teammates. The under-reporting of concussion among student athletes is well known and fueled by the desire to stay in the game. Because the initial cognitive impact of a concussion can be less visible than a physical injury such as a sprain or broken bone, players must be educated about the importance of immediate treatment for a possible concussion and the guidelines for safely returning to play.

Item PLAY - Set of 12
Pages Pack of 12 posters 14" x 21"
Year 2010


(No reviews yet) Write a Review