After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, Journaling Workbook

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Barbara Stahura, C.J.F. and Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP

Product Overview

This workbook has been developed specifically for survivors of brain injury and blast injury. Based on journaling workshops for survivors of traumatic brain injury, it is filled with journaling exercises that guide the user through examining and expressing the many ways that the brain injury has affected and altered their lives. Vignettes by individuals give it a personal touch and also serve as examples of journaling. Users may go through the workbook from front to back or they may select chapters and activities most relevant to their lives and stage of recovery.

Breaking it down into sections, users explore…

• changing sense of self

• loss, memory and resilience

• altered relationships with family and friends

• anger and emotions

• grief and loss

• facing the future

• building hope

• moving forward

Journaling is a proven therapeutic tool used to explore one’s inner self by expressing emotions, confronting fears, relieving anxiety, coping with stress, celebrating successes, and preparing for new challenges. By writing for only a few minutes at a time, journalers can heal and cope with crises due to illness, death, or any life-altering event.

This is the first journaling workbook developed specially for adults with acquired brain injuries, and it can be used by individuals or facilitated groups. Families will find it helpful as an outlet and coping mechanism for survivors. Clinicians will find it a useful cognitive tool for building communication skills of reading, writing and comprehension. Both families and clinicians will find it helpful for promoting insight, self-awareness and goal setting.

ISBN# 9781931117524
Pages 120 pages, 8½ x 11, perfect bound
Year 2009


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review