All About Me! (Spanish)

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This booklet is a tool to help children, parents, therapists and teachers identify compensatory strategies and develop classoom supports to help young students cope with physical, cognitive behavioral, social and communicative changes after an acquired brain injury. However, it can be used by any child or student with special needs or a disability regardless of the cause. It is useful to help children and students learn how to express their needs, increase awareness among teachers, and to learn about self-advocacy.

Bob Cluett remembers his TBI struggles in school after he fell from a third story porch when he was four years old. Neither his parents nor teachers understood, because he had no physical signs of a disability. His experience is still repeated today.

Speech and language pathologist, Dr. Roberta DePompei is an expert in cognitive communication. She understands how schools and classrooms function. She applies this knowledge in All About Me! by providing checklists of adaptations and instructional strategies that can be used in schools and education when a student has a brain injury.

Just as the child is more than a disability, All About Me! focuses on more than brain injury. This booklet can be used effectively by any child with special learning needs.

ISBN# 1-931117-06-3
Pages 16 pages, 5½ x 8½ softcover
Year 1998


(No reviews yet) Write a Review