APT3 Standard Encrypted Practice Drive

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Product Overview

The APT-3 “practice drive” is a second USB stick. It is synchronized or synced to work with the APT-3 program by loading the client’s attention exercises. As the client practices independently, the drive saves performance data and self reflection ratings.

The client then brings the practice drive back to the clinician at the next therapy session. The clinician syncs the practice drive with the APT-3 program and updates the performance data. Anytime the clinician changes the attention training exercises, the new program is updated upon syncing. All the clinician has to do is press the "synch" icon while both drives are in the computer!

The APT-3 practice drive has been designed for flexibility in scheduling and maximizing efficiency of treatment planning and therapy. Transferring performance information or changing therapy tasks can not only be done during therapy sessions, but also via the Internet between sessions. Because it is programmed to a secure server, the practice drive can upload data via the Internet. This allows the clinician to continually upload new tasks for the client to work on outside of treatment and to retrieve the practice drive's data. For clients with concerns about transportation, fatigue, or endurance issues or insurance limits, this provides multiple options for designing and implementing attention training programs that address the client’s needs as well as the clinician’s treatment goals.


Hardware and operating system requirements are the same as with the APT-3 USB drive which requires computers and laptops running Mac OS 10.14 or older, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 8, or 10. You will also need an APT-3 USB drive to sync with and a computer with 2 available USB ports. A USB Hub is provided with the full APT3 program in case the clinician doesn’t have the available USB ports. An Internet connection is not required, but if available allows remote updating of therapy tasks and performance data between the client and clinician.

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Year 2011


APT 3 software and drives are licensed and warrantied for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.


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