Assessment Practices & Procedures in Children & Adolescents with TBI

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The first section, Foundations, contains three chapters. Chapter 1 provides a basis for conducting various kinds of assessment with children and adolescents with brain injuries. Chapter 2 addresses different types of assessment that children may receive and includes discussions of neurological, psychological, and neuropsychological assessment. Chapter 3 describes various approaches to neuropsychological assessment and introduces neuropsychological constructs as a method for operationalizing a flexible battery, or expanded battery approach to children and adolescents who have sustained a brain injury.

The second section, Specific Assessment Constructs and Procedures, describes the targeted neuropsychological construct, specific findings in childhood brain injury, and details specific assessment procedures. Detailed discussions of child neuropsychological batteries and the psychoeducational tasks—including intellectual functioning—are included and are helpful for the examining clinician.

The final section, Related Assessment Issues, addresses additional, but important assessment issues that the evaluator or team should be aware of in order to conduct a thorough assessment of a child or adolescent following a brain injury.

Finally, the book concludes with brief recap of the major issues and themes and asserts areas of need for future directions in assessment of children and adolescents following a brain injury.

ISBN# 9781931117746
Pages 120
Year 2013


(No reviews yet) Write a Review