Where Are They Now?

Posted by Marilyn Lash, M.S.W. on 12th Nov 2010

After we moved into our new quarters, we had to say goodbye to some old friends who were integral to our growth and the all-round upbeat atmosphere in the office. Briefly, here is an update of what they are currently doing.

capCap (Robert Caprioli) left our shipping department and is now enjoying full retirement by volunteering at his church, bowling, fishing, and taking on the tasks of treasurer of the Italian Club. Coincidentally, his grand-daughter Mandi Leeann has replaced Cap by taking over some of his shipping duties. (more on Mandi when we bring you news of the “newbies”).

The TwinsCaitlyn and Candace Pease (often referred to as “the twins”) always came in as often their busy schedules could allow, to assist with shipping, mailings and with general office duties and whenever we needed extra help. They are currently finishing up their studies in nursing school and will graduate in December. They are planning on taking their state boards early in 2011 and then searching for full time employment. We miss their smiling faces and sunny dispositions and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

TUCK1Tuck – our resident black lab mix (and big sister to Buddy) was 14 when she went to doggie heaven in March of this year. Bob and Marilyn were her second owners when they still lived up in New England, adopting her when she was just a year old pup. It’s been told that while living up North, Tuck loved to go out on a winter night, sit on a snowbank, and just watch the play of the moon on the snow. However, once she made the move to the South, she refused to go out after June…too hot! She was a permanent fixture in the Lash and Associates offices with the highlight of her day being the arrival of the UPS truck. We all miss her personality (yes, dogs do have their own personality), and now marvel at the resemblance of our newest 4-legged member (more on him in later blogs)

So there you have it…. keep on checking our blog for future updates.

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