Sports Concussions

Posted by Annie Pixley on 28th Dec 2010

From the playing field to the classroom

Smiling Little LeaguerThere has been so much in the news lately about sports concussions that we really feel a responsibility to our readers to provide as much information as possible. Simply put, a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that temporarily disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. A direct blow to the head, face, neck, or an indirect blow elsewhere that causes an impulsive force to the head can produce a concussion.

Here are some of the initial warning signs:

  • Dazed and confused
  • Forgetting plays
  • Losing balance/moving awkwardly
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Cannot recall events prior to being hit/jolted

Additional warning signs can include dizziness, headaches, grogginess, nausea, and difficulty concentrating. Whether you are a parent, teacher, athletic director or coach, you should be aware of these signs and not dismiss their impact on the safety of your players. It is important to educate the entire team on what to be watching for should a teammate display any of these signs after being hit.

We are excited to have recently introduced The Sports Concussion Tool Kit, providing athletic trainers and coaches with a comprehensive concussion program. It is specifically designed for middle and high schools as well as community recreation programs. Because concussions can have physical, cognitive and emotional consequences that extend beyond the playing field, the Sports Concussion Tool Kit is a full educational package. It’s chock full of important life-saving information.

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