What Exactly is a Brain Injury Conference? A vocabulary lesson

Posted by Annie Pixley on 7th Dec 2010

It’s not what it sounds like…not where you go to be diagnosed with a brain injury. It’s a gathering of specially-trained folks; people in organizations who are valuable resources for individuals and families dealing with a serious head trauma and/or brain injury. And, no, it’s not boring; you do not need “medical jargon” as a second language! It’s a room filled with inviting booths where leaders in the brain injury community make available take-home materials and offer a sympathetic ear. There are break-out sessions featuring key-note speakers, usually experts in the field, who can speak from first-hand experience about the diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries.

boothTonya Hellard and I recently attended the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina’s conference in Cary. We spent the day with old friends and many who were new to me. This conference, like others across the country is a big deal to those of us in the community. We even had a liaison from the Governor’s office.

We were fortunate to have as our keynote speaker, Susan Connors, Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of America. She touched on many current issues, mentioning that “the BIA of America works so hard on healthcare reform”, and shared this very positive outlook: “A cure for brain injury is coming, I promise you!”

Find the latest publications on brain injury at http://www.lapublishing.com . Also check our blog website and link to conferences. And if you let us know your upcoming conference date, we’ll be happy to add a link. As always, your comments are welcome.

So there you have it…Brain Injury Conference 101. Hope it helps!