Brain Injury: It is a Journey

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Product Overview

This practical user friendly manual helps families understand the consequences of brain injury. By explaining medical terms in clear language, readers will understand the various types of brain injury and the rehabilitation process.

There are detailed descriptions of how a brain injury can affect physical abilities, memory, cognition (thinking and learning), behavior, emotions, and communication.

Each section describes changes that families may see in the person with a brain injury and gives suggestions for how to help. Families will find this manual filled with tips, strategies and checklists that they can use during the hospital/rehabilitation stay as well as after the individual returns home, goes back to work, or becomes active in the community.

Special sections address the many concerns of families over time. This includes information on family coping, intimacy, sexuality, seizures, alcohol, drugs, driving, returning to school and returning to work.

This is a great first book to give to families... Thanks, W.V.C.

ISBN# 1-931117-37-3
Pages 72 pages, 7 x 8½, softcover
Year 2010, second printing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review