Choosing, Finding, and Keeping a Job after Brain Injury

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Janet P. Niemeier, Ph.D., ABPP (RP), Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, Ph.D., ABPP (RP), and Shy DeGrace, B.S.

Product Overview

Brain injury vocational workbook

This vocational training curriculum addresses the special learning needs of persons with brain injury by using a 4 step format for all sessions.

• Step 1 identifies typical challenges facing individuals with brain injury when considering or searching for work.

• Step 2 uses surveys or questionnaires to ask participants about their difficulties regarding employment after a brain injury.

• Step 3 presents positive and negative ways to cope with challenges on the job and demonstrates skills and strategies.

• Sept 4 demonstrates strategies for problem solving.

This workbook can be used in a group format or individually. Handouts and questionnaires are written in large print for individuals with visual deficits. The curriculum is written at a fifth grade reading level to accommodate individuals with reading deficits.

All important ideas and instructions are repeated to facilitate learning and memory. Information is presented with written, oral, demonstration, and visual methods and aids to accommodate those with non-standard learning styles. The curriculum includes simple surveys and questionnaires which allow the participant to relate personally to the content and enhance self-awareness.

The curriculum follows a logical and sequential course of sessions from preparing to look for work, looking for work, and maintaining employment. The workbook and CD includes all instructions, content and handouts that group leaders need to conduct training sessions. This program is ideal for counselors and clinicians in vocational rehabilitation programs, vet centers, community agencies and outpatient settings for veterans and adults.

ISBN# 978-1-931117-43-2
Pages 168 pages, 8½ x 11, perfect bound with CD
Year 2009

Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job is also available as an Click Here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review