ELVIN The Elephant Who Forgets DVD

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A delightful children's DVD on traumatic brain injury.

This is a wonderful DVD with the story told by our own President Bob Cluett. Bob has been acting, singing and performing for many years and he brings Elvin alive on the big screen.

Check out the preview http://www.vimeo.com/6627052

This children's DVD is about a little elephant named Elvin, who has a brain injury when a tree branch falls on his head!

Since his head injury, he can't count his figs anymore, gets mixed up at school and doesn't get along with his friends. A visit to the neuropsychologist helps him understand that he's not a bad little elephant... he has a brain injury.

This DVD helps children, friends and classmates understand what its like to have a brain injury. Written for kindergarten through elementary school age children.

ISBN# 1-931117-04-7
Pages DVD 15 minutes
Year 2010


(No reviews yet) Write a Review