Getting A-Head of Concussion

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Phil Hossler, A.T.C, and Ron Savage, Ed.D

Product Overview

This manual is an innovative approach to understanding the effects of concussion in school age children and adolescents. The authors identify all the people who may be involved with the student-athlete at home and in school.

Special sections for each group list signs of concussion to watch for with tips or suggestions for what to do.

Ideal for in-services to educators, school nurses, athletic trainers and coaching staff , it includes a 7 Day Post Concussion Symptom Scale and an 8 Week Post Concussion Checklist.

This booklet will help…

  • everyone recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion
  • parents monitor their child’s progress and communicate with the doctor
  • the student-athlete understand what it means to have a concussion
  • friends understand and support the student-athlete
  • educators recognize effects in the classroom and provide accommodations
  • school nurses identify undiagnosed concussions and track recovery
  • coaches recognize signs of concussion and refer the student for treatment
  • certified athletic trainers educate, communicate and intervene

ISBN# 1-931117-36-5
Pages 48 pages, 7 x 8.5, softcover
Year 2006


(No reviews yet) Write a Review