My Parent Has a Brain Injury

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The needs of young people are often the forgotten as families struggle to rebuild their lives after a parent has a brain injury. At a time of trauma and uncertainty, they frequently feel upset, confused and excluded from the information loop. Efforts to shield and protect children often unintentionally increase their stress and anxiety.

A parent's discharge from the hospital or rehabilitation center often brings mixed reactions among sons and daughters as the reality of living with a parent who has a brain injury now “comes home”.

The book, My Parent Has a Brain Injury gives factual information about brain injury. It provides information to reassure young people about the wide range of feelings they might be experiencing as well as strategies to help them deal with these emotions. It addresses that most difficult and frequent question of “How can I help our children understand what has happened? How can I help them now?”

This book has been written in a clear and colorful way that will appeal to young people across a wide range of ages. The numerous quotes, graphics and exercises make it engaging for readers. It can be used as a stand alone resource or to support individual or group work in clinical or home settings.

ISBN# 978-0-9557588-3-6
Pages 73 full color
Year 2012


(No reviews yet) Write a Review