SUSTAINING POWERS: Rising Above Grief & Loss

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Cathy Powers

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This is the story of a mother, her family, and community’s journey to a new normal after a serious traffic accident in which her son sustained severe traumatic brain injury, hospitalization, coma, and the uncertainty of recovery, culminating in his death.

Cathy Powers, a North Carolinian mother of two, had her world turned upside down after receiving a telephone call from the US Air Force. The voice was not her funny and loving son, Airman Bryce Powers. It was an official calling from an airbase in Japan to inform that her son was struggling to hold on to life after being involved in a serious car accident during which he sustained severe brain trauma. She opens her heart to share the tragic, bittersweet, and sometimes even beautiful “new normal” she and her family are thrust into after tragedy strikes her only son, an airman stationed at a small base in Northern Japan.

Cathy writes about the passing of time, the depression from dwindling hope that Bryce would one day emerge from his vegetative state, and eventually, his placement at a 90-day “Emerging Consciousness Program” in Richmond, VA. It was everyone’s hope that Bryce would experience improvement and be able to start participating in his recovery, because he was surrounded by a team of healthcare professionals who do everything in their power to promote healing. This didn’t happen.

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Cathy Powers was invited to the Premier of a video created by POLYTRAUMA REHAB IN THE VA: COMPASSIONATE Richmond VA., where her son had received care for his TBI.

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ISBN# 978-1-931117-71-5
Pages 352
Year 2017


(No reviews yet) Write a Review