Turning Points

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Yehuda Ben-Yishay, Ph.D. and Leonard Diller, Ph.D.

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Turning Points: Positive outcomes of intensive psychotherapeutic interventions in holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation settings

In the book Turning Points, six initially intractable individuals are presented. In each case, the authors provide explicit and detailed descriptions of clinical approaches that produced significant breakthroughs in overcoming obstacles in the path toward the successful rehabilitation of these individuals. Working clinicians will learn how to apply techniques in their own practices. The efficacy of cognitive remedial and psychotherapeutic interventions - modified to suit the learning capacity of traumatically brain injured persons - has been well documented. Similarly intensive holistic neuropsychologically - rehabilitative programs - particularly when organized to function as "therapeutic community" types of programs - have been shown to produce outcomes that are superior to conventional approaches.

ISBN# 978-1-931117-27-2
Pages 74
Year 2016


(No reviews yet) Write a Review