Acquired Brain Injury Memory Exercises

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Product Overview

The ABIME software is ideal for:

Cognitive retraining - Therapists select exercises, set time limits, and customize cognitive training programs. Computerized scoring gives immediate performance feedback to clients and documentation for clinicians.

Improvement/deterioration of memory - Patterns of performance indicate increase or decrease in memory functions for short term recovery, performance after interventions, or for long term for progressive neurological conditions.

Planning optimal time for intervention - Performance history data documents how well the patient/client performs on task(s) as well as improvement or deterioration in performance at various times and in various settings.

Assessment - This collection of memory exercises can be used to standardize, establish norms and measure performance of particular groups. Using ABIME exercises, clinicians can design the assessment process, custom select exercises, and set treatment parameters.

Research projects - Although ABIME Memory Center was designed and developed for the support of individuals with memory impairments, clinicians can use the exercises contained within ABIME to measure change in performance across a range of groups and products.

Pages 30 page user manual plus flash drive for installation on XP/Vista/Windows 7 or higher.
Year 2013


(No reviews yet) Write a Review