APT3 Clinician Drive

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Product Overview

The APT-3 software is clinician friendly and designed to support busy professionals. It will work with computers and laptops running Mac OS 10.5 or newer and Windows XP or newer. The computer or laptop needs an available USB port for connecting the APT-3 USB drive. All the software necessary to run the tool is contained on the drive. The clinician runs the program from the drive; thus, no software needs to be installed on the computer.

The APT 3 flash drive can be used by multiple clinicians with multiple clients. A single drive can support a single clinician using it with any computer and multiple clients. If another clinician uses that drive, the clinician will have access to all the other clinicians' client files and data. In a setting with multiple clinicians, purchase of additional drives is an option.

Check out the preview at http://www.vimeo.com/6627052


(No reviews yet) Write a Review