Behavior Planning

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Robert Karol, Ph.D., LP, ABPP, CBIST

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A brain injury does not always cause difficulty controlling behavior. “Behavioral Dyscontrol” can surprise, confuse and worry family/caregivers. “What can be done? Can the behavior be changed? Who can help?” are questions needing answers. It can be difficult to treat behavioral dyscontrol after acquired brain injury. But, effective BEHAVIOR PLANNING can and does address the problem(s).

It is extremely important for family/caregivers to recognize their own behavior and emotions impact the person with brain injury’s progress. This impact may easily outweigh any professionally devised plan. How family members and caregivers act and behave needs to be consistent with the Behavior Plan and treatment team instructions.

This Tip Card seeks to provide clear, easily implemented strategies, give insight into how cooperation is necessary for all involved in the recovery process, and how Behavior Planning is evidence-based and proven to be effective.

Pages 8
Year 2016


(No reviews yet) Write a Review