Behavior Plan Workbook

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Product Overview

The Behavior Plan Workbook is designed to take a clinician through the steps of targeted behavior plan development. The workbook begins with forms to clarify the nature of the behavior to be changed, thus targeting individual needs of the patient. Chapters provide worksheets to comprehend and assess the influence of emotional, adjustment, and cognitive variables, social history, and health status on the occurrence of the targeted behavior. Next, worksheets guide the process of integrating the information into a comprehensive “Phenomenology of Dyscontrol,” a conceptualization of the etiology of the behavior. This is followed by utilizing worksheets to write an individualized plan. The process within the workbook concludes with a post-implementation review. Upon completion of the series of worksheets, the professional will have developed flexible, comprehensive, individualized behavior plans that work.

These worksheets are based on years of expert experience in devising behavior plans that work with even the most difficult, complicated, and previously treatment-resistant behaviors, but are just as applicable to more straightforward behaviors. They identify and concretize the steps senior professionals utilize experientially. After using these worksheets a few times, the steps will become second nature. As the book states, “You will be the expert other staff or programs turn to for help.” Beyond guiding practicing clinicians, the workbook also has a place as a training tool for new staff and students.

ISBN# 9781931117548
Pages 96 pages + USB Drive with Printable PDF Worksheets
Year 2016


(No reviews yet) Write a Review