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Your Average Everyday TBI Family! Yeah right!!

Posted by Jodi Ginter on 14th Jan 2011

We look like your average everyday family…We look like the family next door…We could be your neighbours! (But don’t worry we aren’t! We live in rural nowhere, Manitoba!)To look at our family picture … read more

Surviving TBI From a Bike Accident

Posted by Bridgid Ruden on 8th Jan 2011

Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury From a Bike AccidentBy Bridgid RudenFrom bicycle to brain injuryI began training for my first triathlon in 2008 at age 44, encouraged by my wonderful Pediatric Nurse P … read more

Is Brain Injury a Disease or a Disability?

Posted by Marilyn Lash, M.S.W. on 29th Dec 2010

How many times have you heard traumatic brain injury referred to as an “incident” or an “event” or an “outcome”? How often have you used the term “survivor” to mean the person who is living with a br … read more

Marriage and Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted by Ginger Bristow Gaitor on 29th Dec 2010

A couple’s journey continues…When Bill was released from the hospital several months after his brain injury in June 2006, he was still on medication that really played havoc with his mind. He wasn’t s … read more