Brain Tips: Inspirational & Motivational Calendar

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My mom was this project's inspiration. Despite being active and healthy, in 1997 at age 61 she fell on stairs in her home, dying of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). After her death I opened a perpetual calendar she'd previously given me. It contained daily inspirational quotes, something she and I both collected. On my January birthday, I found her note next to the day's quotation saying, “If we are not together today, know we love you.” That was special! A month or so later she had written next to a quote “This fits you so well. ” I paged through the calendar, finding notes here and there as quotes inspired her. It was an amazing gift.

After my own 2002 TBI, my sixth concussion, I was left with residual cognitive challenges. As a family physician, medical office clinical manager, pilot and daughter of a mom who taught me how to be organized, I found I was using tools and strategies to make my life run smoother that many others did not use. Doing volunteer presentations on how to use these cognitive tools to better function after brain injury for a state brain injury agency led to the idea to put together a calendar with daily inspirational quotes and brain tips. This calendar can help anyone trying to find ways to improve their cognitive functioning and is a great gift from family and friends who can add personalized notes for inspiration.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review