Caregiving on the Homefront

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Marilyn Lash, M.S.W.

Product Overview

Based on the personal experiences of hundreds of women who are caregivers for service members and veterans with physical, cognitive and emotional wounds related to PTSD or TBI, this booklet is their story of survival as war comes home. It explains why so many women have feelings of loss, anger and confusion at the same time they are expected to be grateful that their husbands have survived their injuries. Too often the stresses and needs of caregivers are unrecognized; this booklet frankly discusses the impact of caregiving on women, their relationships, and their family. Subjects often ignored or considered taboo are addressed including grief, compassion fatigue, loss of intimacy, violence and aggression, and parenting. Women will find that they are not alone as they read this booklet, but are part of a sisterhood of female caregivers facing new challenges at home.


ISBN# 978-1931117678
Pages 20
Year 2013


(No reviews yet) Write a Review