Cognitive Rehabilitation Tool Kit

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A three book set that really delivers overall cognitive improvements, the COGKT3 Cognitive Rehabilitation Tool Kit is the triple crown winner! Covering all aspects of neurological impairments, this book set deals with all things TBI related, and beyond. See below for more specifics:



The Practical Guide to Cognitive Rehabilitation: Overcoming Cognitive Neurological Impairments - Kimberly S. Hutchinson, Ph.D. and Lawrence S. Dilks, Ph.D. 9 (PGCR)

Filled with readings and exercises designed to assist persons with neurological impairments in the recovery process, this workbook is for individuals, caregivers, and clinicians. Each section has activities and worksheets with a variety of visual and cognitive activities. Sections include orientation, attention and concentration, processing speed, memory, executive functions, language redevelopment, visual perception, anxiety and depression, and extra activities.



The Cognition Functional Rehabilitation Activity Manual (CFRM) offers activities on memory, attention, orientation, awareness, etc. that are designed for easy implementation and instruction. Not only is CFRM persons with brain injury, this manual can be used for persons with a wide range of developmental or neurological impairments.



The Cognitive Communication: Functional Activities Manual (CCOM) is for adults with acquired brain injuries (ABI), such as TBI, stroke, tumor or dementia. Most any age person affected by brain trauma can benefit - along with people with age related memory loss & mild cognitive impairments. This kit is made up of three great books that deliver!


Pages 3 Manuals, 2 CDs, flash drive, stopwatch
Year 2015


(No reviews yet) Write a Review