For Clinicians: The Practical Guide to Cognitive Rehabilitation

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Kimberly S. Hutchinson, Ph.D. and Lawrence S. Dilks, Ph.D.

Product Overview

This special edition for clinicians and therapists includes the printed workbook plus a flashdrive and stopwatch. The flashdrive includes all exercises and activities on PDF files that may be printed for use with multiple clients. The stopwatch is used to time specific exercises for clinical use. This package gives clinicians a versatile and comprehensive program that can be used in a variety of treatment settings with multiple clients and patients.

Developed by two neuropsychologists, it provides activities to assist persons with neurological impairments in the recovery process. Each section has activities and worksheets with a variety of visual and cognitive activities. Sections include orientation, attention and concentration, processing speed, memory, executive functions, language redevelopment, visual perception, anxiety and depression, and extra activities.

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ISBN# 9781931117845
Pages 203 pages, 8.5x11, softcover, flash drive, stopwatch.
Year 2015


(No reviews yet) Write a Review