Mandalas & Journaling: A Colorful Pathway to Healing the Brain

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Tracy W. Teregis

Product Overview

Using this workbook, you will be introduced to an alternative healing modality where you will have the opportunity to address attention and concentration issues that create emotional discord. It is designed to provide repeated opportunities to practice the skills. The coloring of mandalas and completing the writing prompts will generate emotions which will be experienced on a continuum – from fear to anger, acceptance to love.

By asking the survivor to identify a specific emotion or problem, then connecting it to the mandala coloring activity, an emotional imbalance is addressed. The survivor will develop increased, almost intuitive, awareness on how to solve problems related to TBI injury. Based on her research, Tracy Teregis has observed self-healing occurring.

This workbook can be used by individuals who have survived a brain injury at any level. Each activity has been created for those who may have fine motor skill difficulties and/or may feel intimidated by emotions that seem to be out of control. Because each activity is paired with an emotion, this allows the survivor to initially identify and write about the emotion using a written prompt as a guide, and then give visual expression of that emotion by coloring in the complementary mandala.

The action of coloring promotes relaxation and reflection. Each participant is free to express her/himself artistically through the use of colors with no judgment or preconceived outcomes. Each activity has been tested and encourages a process of healing among survivors who have worked with them.

Included with the workbook is a starter set of coloring pencils.

ISBN# 9781931117722
Pages 57
Year 2017


(No reviews yet) Write a Review