Survivor Strategies Package

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Barbara Webster & Debbie Leonhardt

Product Overview

All the products in the Survivor Strategies Package have been written by the real experts – people who live with a brain injury every day. By sharing the lessons they have learned from both their successes and disappointments, they provide “tried and true” strategies that can make a difference in rebuilding your life. Focusing on the cognitive challenges that so often disrupt one's life after a brain injury, they focus on creating positive steps for building compensatory systems that will not only help you get through the day but create a new future.


The Survival Kit by Debbie Leonhardt is a planner and organizer full of tools, strategies, checklists, schedules, reminders, logs, and charts designed to help survivors develop compensatory strategies for everything from the tasks of daily living to organizing their household and routine. It can be used in settings as diverse as rehabilitation program, out-patient clinics, cognitive training programs, home, and community settings. Its expansive choice of strategies allows the user to select tools that match the individual's needs. For more detail, click on this link.

The Lost and Found workbook by Barbara Webster provides more in-depth information on compensatory strategies after brain injury. It is an essential tool for reclaiming one's life at home and in the community, whether you are living independently, with support or with family. Its focus on cognitive challenges and strategies helps both persons with brain injuries and their families learn how to navigate the complexities of daily living. For more detail, click on this link.

Coping with Survival after Brain Injury by John Richards discusses choices for building a new life after brain injury with a frank comparison of negative and positive approaches to coping, recovery, and adjustment.It examines the drawbacks of focusing on the past and what has been lost rather than focusing on the present and what can be done. This is very useful for brain injury support groupsas well asindividuals and represents the beginning of a search for a “New Normal” after brain injury. For more detail. click on this link.


Living a Full Life after Brain Injury by Garry Prowe is a tip card or pamphlet with tips for spouses, parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, and coworkers on how to help the survivor create a fulfilling new life. It frankly discusses facing new challenges, reinventing yourself, and seeking support and understanding from the survivor's perspective. For more detail, click on this link.

Item SKLF2
Pages Survival Kit, 208 pages; Lost and Found, 202 pages;
Year 2011


(No reviews yet) Write a Review