Survivor Life Skills Tool Kit

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Kathleen R. Bell, M.D., Robert T. Fraser, Ph.D.,CRC, Kurt L. Johnson, Ph.D.,CRC, Debbie Leonhardt, Barbara Stahura, Barbara Webster

Product Overview

This is a special collection of four workbooks on life skills to help survivors of brain injury. After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, a journaling workbook for survivors of brain injury and blast injury, has journaling exercises to help express how the injury as affected and changed your life. The brand new workbook, Living Life Fully after Brain Injury, is a valuable resource with in-depth chapters ranging from coma to living in the community and a CD containing worksheets for survivors, families and clinicians to use. Lost and Found provides more in-depth information on compensatory strategies after brain injury with a focus on cognitive challenges to help survivors of brain injury and their families cope with daily living. This workbook is a long-awaited publication for survivors of acquired brain injury.The brain injury Survival Kit is a planner and organizer full of tools, strategies, checklists, schedules, reminders, logs, and charts designed to help survivors develop compensatory strategies for everything from the tasks of daily living to organizing their household and routine.

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Pages After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, 120; Living Life Fully, 211; Lost and Found, 202; Survival Kit; 208
Year 2011


(No reviews yet) Write a Review