Back to School after a Mild Brain Injury or Concussion

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Marilyn Lash, M.S.W., Ron Savage, Ed.D. and Roberta DePompei, Ph.D.

Product Overview

Tips on concussion or mild brain injury in children describes possible effects on students at home and in school with tips for parents to identify symptoms and monitor recovery. It gives educators tips for teaching and assignments to support the student in school and identifies when extra help may be needed. There are suggestions for improving communication among school staff and with parents.

Suggest using this with the Concussion in Children Tip Card which has an 8 week post concussion checklist.

This tip card is included in the Concussion Tool Kit for Schools .

Learn more about how concussion affects the child and adolescent's brain in the DVD on Concussion and School.

Pages 8
Year Third edition, 2011


(No reviews yet) Write a Review