Concussion & Mild Brain Injury: Not Just Another Headline

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Bonnie Nish, MA, Editor

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What does one do when his/her way of daily living is significantly disrupted by a single blow to the head? How does the individual navigate through a world where s/he feels no sense of belonging? In this anthology, Concussion and Mild Brain Injury: Not Just Another Headline, 19 individuals share what they experienced. They talk of the journey through the mild brain injury maze from the concussion incident to the ongoing process of recovery. These are often hard stories to hear, but they are heartfelt, real and so very important.

For example:

  • A man falls from a ladder to a concrete floor in his first days at a new job. As he starts the journey of recovery, his aunt observes his struggles trying to return to the vibrant individual she remembers prior to the concussion incident.
  • A young dancer is hit by a taxicab while living and working in Japan. Her family fly over to assist her as she navigates a foreign and different medical system. Upon her return to her own country, the family and survivor discover the reality of a different quality of care than what was provided in Japan, which in their opinion was better.
  • A woman races to the hospital where her sister has been admitted due to sustaining a concussion from slipping and falling on ice. The injured sister is in denial with regard to ever having had a concussion.

These stories are all real-life experiences. Each story shows the reader how vulnerable anyone is to sustaining a concussion and having to deal with mild brain injury. You do not have to be a pro-athlete to have your brain rattled. A concussion incident can happen to anyone in a heartbeat -- anywhere, anytime. When it does occur, the potential exists for the incident to become one of the most debilitating events a person experiences. How the individual copes and manages the process of recovery is critical. Too often, the person having to deal with the maze is left feeling isolated, alone. The family member or friend feels overwhelmed, often helpless, while watching the survivor work out activities of daily living.

Concussion and Mild Brain Injury: Not Just Another Headline shares how 19 individuals have navigated one of the most difficult times in their lives. It documents how deeply family and friends were affected. The book provides each author a forum to be heard, to help and assist others, to create and foster connections, and cultivate feelings of camaraderie. Most of all it gives hope in a situation that too often feels hopeless and terrifyingly isolating.

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ISBN# 978-1-931117-48-7
Pages 122
Year 2016


(No reviews yet) Write a Review