Children's Storybook Tool Kit on Brain Injury & Concussion

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It's hard for children to understand the effects of a concussion or a more serious traumatic brain injury because they can't see or touch a “broken brain.” Ideal for educators, parents, siblings, therapists and school staff, these story books help children, peers, and students understand the physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes that often occur after brain trauma. The Tool Kit includes the following books:

All About Me! - Interactive booklet helps children identify physical, cognitive, and behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury and describe help needed in school through supports and accommodations.


Arnie's MRI - In this children's book about treatment for a concussion, Arnie the armadillo falls off his bicycle. Because he isn't wearing a helmet, he hurts his head and has to have a MRI. The story line and colorful illustrations explain medical procedures and the importance of bicycle safety.


ELVIN The Elephant Who Forgets - Delightful children's book explains how a brain injury affects learning, emotions, and behavior with colorful illustrations of Elvin the elephant who often forgets because of his brain injury.

The Get Well Soon Balloon! Story book helps children understand their emotions and reactions when a parent has a brain injury. Using language for young children, it describes coma, rehabilitation, coming home, and therapy from a child's perspective. It is highly recommended for families of injured veterans and service members.

Pages 4 books
Year Second edition, 2012


(No reviews yet) Write a Review