Media Tool Kit on Students with Brain Injury

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Elvin the Elephant Who Forgets

Through Elvin's story, children learn about brain injury and how it can affect emotions, behavior and friends in school and at home. (DVD)

Take Two: After Traumatic Brain Injury

Describes rehabilitation and educational challenges of three youths with brain injury returning to school. (DVD)

Life Goes On

Shows effects of brain injury on development by comparing Darnell who was injured as a teenager and Ariel who was injured as a child. (DVD)

Concussion: An Educational DVD

Developed as an educational tool for teachers and trainers to educate students about concussion, this DVD is an effective teaching tool with clear language, graphics and vignettes. It combines lessons in neuroanatomy with student interviews to explain complex issues in easy to understand language with practical suggestions for families and school staff.

Still Friends? Friends Still! 

Features adolescents talking about how a brain injury changes relationships among friends. (DVD)

Acquired Brain Injury: Talking to Teens

Adolescents and young adults discuss effects of their brain injuries on school, friends, education, college, and work. (DVD)

Pages 5 DVDs and 1 CD
Year 2012


(No reviews yet) Write a Review