Therapy Guide For Language & Speech Disorders, Advanced Stimulus Materials, Vol 2

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Kathryn Kilpatrick, M.A., CCC-SLP

Product Overview

This workbook is user friendly with clear instructions and can be used by a speech and language pathologist in a structured program of language rehabilitation as well as by paraprofessionals, caregivers, and family members. These advanced stimulus materials help facilitate retrieval of speech and language functioning with eight major sections including exercises in:

  • comprehension
  • word retrieval
  • sentence formulation
  • general knowledge
  • thought organization
  • definitions
  • number skills and
  • daily needs.

This therapy guide provides continued language stimulation at a higher level beyond Volume 1. It also builds a bridge between therapy activities and the individual's ability to function in day to day language situations. Using these worksheets provides therapeutic tools for the practitioner. They can also be used independently by the individual with the assistance of family members as needed. For individuals who are phasing out of a structured therapy program, these materials are ideal for continued language stimulation and review.

Item KK2
ISBN# 1-880504-02-2
Pages 280 pages, spiral bound, plus flash drive
Year 1996


(No reviews yet) Write a Review