Attention Process Training I

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Product Overview

This clinical treatment program addresses attention as a comprehensive multi-level functional process. It provides a theoretically based, hierarchically organized method of retraining the process of attention and is based on extensive clinical research in cognitive rehabilitation.

What is APT-1?

  • Comprehensive, self-contained program designed to retrain attention and concentration deficits in persons with brain injury
  • Theoretically based set of treatment materials and tasks addressing five separate levels of attention process
  • Hierarchically organized auditory and visual tasks designed to improve sustained, selective, alternating and divided attention
  •  Easily administered and scored
  •  Proven effective in increasing attentional skills in published research studies

Who can use it?

Neuropsychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, cognitive remediation specialists, and special education specialists.

Who is it designed for?

  • Inpatients or outpatients with brain injury
  • Patients with attention deficits ranging from mild to severe

Sample Treatment Activities include...

  • Number cancellation with visual distractor
  • Sustained attention in noise using audio files
  • Flexible shape cancellation
  • Set-dependent alternating attention tasks
  • Divided attention tasks.

APT-1 includes...

Theoretical background for a five level model of attention. Descriptions for over 50 separate attention treatment activities hierarchically referenced to the theoretical model.

The 90 page manual contains detailed administration procedures. The attention audio program contains 91 audio files on a USB. PDF files for 16 scoresheets are included on a USB, and can be printed as needed.

Contains two visual stimulus sheets, 3 reusable visual distractor overlays, 2 marking pens, deck of playing cards, 4 response clickers, and stopwatch.

Extra USB Drives are available separately:

Item: APT1P Extra USB Drive with PDF scoresheet files 

Item: APT1D Extra USB with 4 audio stimuli files 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review