Attention Process Training Test

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Product Overview

The APT test can be used with the APT 1 and APT 2 programs.

It includes methods to screen for:

  • simple sustained attention in target detection format (level 1)
  • more complex sustained attention using sequential stimuli (level 2)
  • selective attention with distraction of background noise (level 3)
  • divided attention using visual and auditory tasks (level 4)
  • alternating attention using two different tasks (level 5)

How is it used?

What’s included in the manual?

  • background and introduction
  • theoretical basis for understanding attention
  • description of APT Test and other measures
  • guidelines for administering APT Test
  • 1 set of printed tasks and scoresheets with instructions
  • USB Drive with audio files with narration for tasks
  • USB Drive with PDF files for easy printing of scoresheets
  • 1 response clicker
Item APT Test
ISBN# 1-931117-31-4
Pages 93
Year 2001


(No reviews yet) Write a Review