Attention Process Training II

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Product Overview

This program is for treating impairments in attentional processing in persons with relatively mild cognitive disturbance, such as post-concussion syndrome.

Activities address difficulties with sustained attention, slowed speed of information processing, distractability, shifting attention between multiple tasks, and paying attention to more than one source of information at a time.

What is APT-2 ?

  • A library of auditory attention files on USB drive and hierarchically organized attention exercises grouped according to specific types of attention disorders
  • Generalization program with suggested activities, record logs, and data collection protocols to facilitate generalization from the clinic to real world settings

Who can use it?

Neuropsychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, cognitive remediation specialists, and special education specialists.

What’s in the manual?

The APT-2 manual explains how to administer the attention training program and methods for scoring and analyzing client performance. All clinical and generalization tasks contain data collection graphs and charts, detailed task descriptions, and suggestions for increasing or decreasing task difficulty level.

APT-2 includes...

  • 216 page manual
  • 81 activity sheets and forms on a USB Drive
  • 73 extensive audio files on a USB Drive
  • 4 response clickers
  • stopwatch
  • PDF file Scoresheets on a USB Drive

Extra USB Drives are available separately.

  • Extra USB Drive with PDF scoresheet files $25
  • Extra USB Drive with 6 audio stimuli files $120


(No reviews yet) Write a Review