Concentration Attention and Mental Speed Rehabilitation Task

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James Japp, MA, MSc

Product Overview

CAMSART combines structured tasks with performance measurement. It requires the user to memorize a set of instructions in short term memory and then undertake a task that demands selective, divided and sustained attention as well as decision making and information processing.

The underlying principle and tasks involved in CAMSART are largely based on the Stroop effect. The basic effect is one of increasing reaction time and error in performance in the dichotomy caused when the color of the written word is different than the color described. This effect has been attributed to (among a variety of other explanations) the difficulty that the human brain has in the parallel processing between pertinent and irrelevant information.

This program is suitable for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs for patients or clients with minor to severe acquired brain injury as the degree of difficulty can be modified. It is also useful in clinical settings, residential programs, and home-based therapy.

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Pages User guide plus CD for program installation runs on Mac or PC with XP/Vista/Windows 7 or higher.
Year 2014


(No reviews yet) Write a Review